Syed Innovators Inn Pvt Ltd is general engineering contracting and trading company providing their best services & supplies to the corporate (Petrochemical, Fertilizer & defence industires) clients keeping these things in consideration i.e. Customer satisfaction, Just in time theory and easy ways to resolve Engineering problems in cost effective ways. The company’s Founder & CEO has a vision to take active part in Research and development for the betterment of society, humanity and for the country and also to encourage the young generation to engage them in something productive.

NTN# 7440639-6

PNTN# P7440639-6

SNTN# S7440639-6

STRN# 32-77-87614-3023

Registered with Rahimyarkhan Chamber of Commerce & Industry

EOBI & Social Security registrations

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make our company giving comfortable environment to our employees out of which the best will come for clients and in everything we do, we will act with honesty, fairness and integrity. For our employees, our business partners and the communities in which we operate, we will also strive to ensure opportunities for personal growth, improved co-working and shared life enrichment. Moreover our intension is to be the most helpful, innovative and cost-effective company globally.

Vision Statement

The company has been formed with the idea to take active part in giving best Electrical & Instrument, Mechanical & Civil Engineering, IT solutions (both in contracting and trading) and Manpower services in most cost efficient way and deliver the best quality to the clients along with the social responsibilities.

Moreover to deliver products, warehouse services and General supplies just in time according to international standards is our backbone to maintain our customer satisfaction. We believe in employee satisfaction along with customer satisfaction and the productive teamwork.